Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★

Film Club (week 20)

Stings a little to not give this a higher rating, but it is what it is. It's a movie worth watching and a story worth telling - I've never seen a portrayal of a vexing, though deeply loving, relationship done this way - and with the gay text to add to it I definitely see this as an important film.

But the characters, the dialogue and the look of the film didn't do much for me. I get it was supposed to look gritty, poor and naturalistic but I found it pretty off-putting, and I definitely found the switch between black/white to colors jarring instead of beautifully transcendent. I didn't get under the skin of the characters and didn't feel what they felt, and that's the ultimate detriment to my enjoyment.

Kar-wai really got me once again with that incredible recurring theme though, just like in In the Mood for Love.

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