Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★

It's no secret I love coming-of-age films, and this fell straight into my ball park. What an interesting dynamic; two restless young boys in their heightened sexual age and a woman in her twenties who feels like she wasted her younger years on a marriage with an unfaithful husband. Together they go on a journey that's about the journey much more than the destination (as is often the case with these movies), and they all learn a little about life from each other, and maybe a thing or two about themselves on the way.

It's incredibly vibrant, colorful and stylishly put together. No frame or shot is boring, and these actors are all of the caliber that they can pull you right into their little worlds. I think looking at this movie beat for beat it can seem a little hollow at times, but when looking at the whole picture it really is about finding your own way in life, sexual identity and growing into a person. A coming-of-age through and through.

It's mostly just about sex, though.

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