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  • Gate of Hell

    Gate of Hell


    This film is one of the strongest depictions I’ve seen of the horrible way women are socialized to believe they are at fault when men are creeps.

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  • WandaVision



    This started out a lot stronger than it ended up. I really enjoyed the plays on various sitcom eras (although, I do feel a bit cheated on the 90s), and the mystery was initial pretty satisfying. Unfortunately, the end devolved into typical MCU over-CGI mess land.

    Marvel continues to have a villain problem. What was the motivation for Agatha Harkness? To steal Wanda's magic? Why? How would that work? What would she do with it? Why do I care? What…

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  • Persona



    An unbelievably complex and beautiful film. Full of incredible cinematography and amazing performances. This film completely captivated me; I absolutely loved it.

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  • Letter Never Sent

    Letter Never Sent


    A marvelously gorgeous film that also managed to expose me to a new perspective on this period in the history of the Soviet Union. Unbelievably well made and impressive, I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes looking at incredible things.

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