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  • Calgary ’88: 16 Days of Glory

    Calgary ’88: 16 Days of Glory


    Very similar to the previous entry, and my feelings are about the same. This one is slightly worse, perhaps just by the nature of it being second.

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  • 16 Days of Glory

    16 Days of Glory


    This film is hailed as a monumental step forward in Olympic films, but I don’t feel that way at all. This is the beginning of an overly limited focus.

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  • His Wedding Night

    His Wedding Night

    Buster Keaton is again great, but the rest of this should be left on the scrap heap of history.

    Arbuckle’s character uses chloroform to incapacitate a woman and kiss her against her will. Not only hasn’t that held up well, it wasn’t remotely ok at the time. And it’s only one of a few awful things in this short.

    It is fascinating to see this in the context of what later happened with Fatty Arbuckle and Virginia Rappe, but that’s about it.

  • The Rough House

    The Rough House


    Other than a couple of brilliant moments this mostly relies on some pretty unappealing violence for humor. It’s clearly still Fatty Arbuckle’s show, but Keaton is pretty great.

  • Cat People

    Cat People


    What a stunning film this is! So beautifully shot, so taut and compelling. It’s dealing with like ten different themes under the surface, while telling a good yarn up above.

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  • The Captain's Paradise

    The Captain's Paradise


    In the Alec Guinness Cinematic Universe this is what happens to the hero from The Lavender Hill Mob, after he gets out of jail. He probably initially bought the ship with ill-gotten gold money, before he was captured.

    Unfortunately, this movie isn't much good. But then, with as many films as there are in the AGCU, it's bound to happen now and again.

  • The Hours and Times

    The Hours and Times


    Reminding me once again why George Harrison is forever my favorite Beatle.

  • The Lavender Hill Mob

    The Lavender Hill Mob


    Such a fun film. A heist and Alec Guiness, what could be better than that?

  • The Seventh Victim

    The Seventh Victim


    It falls down a bit at the end, but this is still pretty damn great. Reminds me a little of Fritz Lang’s Ministry of Fear. It has the same kind of noirish quality to it. The mystery is mostly great and the message is surprisingly dark.

  • The Curse of the Cat People

    The Curse of the Cat People


    This is everything I didn’t like about Cat People, with none of the stuff I loved. The kid is a good actor, but man I almost always hate movies that focus on a kid actor.

    Also, who would have thought that the simple, work obsessed, non-empathetic, clueless dude from the first film would make a terrible father. Completely impossible to predict.

  • Night Nurse

    Night Nurse


    Well here it is! Barbara Stanwyck on the up and up. Slightly less fun than when she’s a devil, but only slightly. She’s still the same no-nonsense wonder and effortless cool. She’s an absolute revelation!

  • Ladies They Talk About

    Ladies They Talk About


    I don’t know if Barbara Stanwyck only played femme fatales that don’t give a fuck about anything but it would be 100% correct if she did.

    She’s just so damn good at it that even a hokey story like this around her is completely nullified by her brilliance. So glad I got to see this.