Daniel Baldwin

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Owner/Operator at The Schlocketeer. Caster of Pods. Contributing writer for MaddWolf. Devourer of film and disciple of all things horror.

Favorite films

  • The Thing
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Terminator
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

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  • The Big Sleep


  • Farewell, My Lovely


  • Live and Let Die


  • A View to a Kill


Recent reviews

  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

    Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


    A dark Christmas fairytale that also happens to be a charming modern Amblin riff. While I'd have still like to have actually seen evil kaiju Santa in his element, the oddball "elves" are intriguing and weird final moments make up for it in a very different way.

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight

    The Long Kiss Goodnight


    This film holds up BEAUTIFULLY. Sure, there are some wonky moments here and there (usually FX plate shots), but good god is it otherwise great. I always liked it, but now I flat out love it.

    Black's script is stupendous, the supporting cast is fun (particularly Cox & Morse), Bierko makes an excellent crazy-eyed psycho, and Davis & Jackson are sublime. Harlin also brings his A-game too, including some horror flourishes from his early career. Fantastic flick. No notes.

Popular reviews

  • Prey



    More words to come later, but this is easily the best entry in the series in over 30 years. They just nailed it across the board here.

  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    I love this one more and more each time I watch it. It's not a lumbering monster movie, but it also doesn't need to be.