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  • mother!



    One of of the most depraved, evil, perverse, provocative, and disturbing depictions of humanity brought to celluloid; and done so with endless bounds of truth and honesty. 

    It’s almost uncanny if you place one of my all-time favorite “children’s" stories and literary masterwork “The Giving Tree” alongside Aronofsky’s screenplay. Shel Silverstein’s beloved short story is about the constant want of humanity, and how the good hearted are stuck in a nonstop cycle of giving to the young, ungrateful, and ill…

  • Demeanors


    Hey guys! I'm still in the process of making a director's cut for this one, but had a little announcement I wanted to make!

    229 actors have submitted themselves to be in my new film (Only Blood Relates Us), and I have just scheduled 15 to audition! I'm extremely excited about this film as it'll be shot on RED cameras and feature meticulous cinematography from my very talented friend who I've never worked with before, and has a 7 page…

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  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


    this is a 4 star filmé but my dick film teacher was an extra in one scene so fuck this movie

  • Closet Monster

    Closet Monster


    Going to start this “review” by saying that this isn't going to be a very formative review in the slightest. In fact, this will be more of an extremely personal write up (Although I will go into depth on the film as well, just a disclaimer if you’re interested). I am head over heels for this groundbreaking piece of art on my 5th watch (in one week!!!) and have decided to go into detail why this hits home for me…