Love, Simon ★★★★

Adorable. The flaws are SO easy to disregard here. Love, Simon operates perfectly on both levels as as the mainstream LGBT film our youth especially needs and a feel-good, cheesy high-school flick all of the LGBT community deserves. Nick Robinson’s performance is very wholesome and while a bit iffy at times (especially when Simon is “out”), it’s really heartwarming to see such a genuine attempt at conveying the difficulties of discovering your sexuality doesn’t meet societal norms at a young age. 

There’s a real beauty to Love, Simon’s charming progressiveness and empathy, even if some of its themes aren’t explored enough and feel like a very straight perspective on the queer coming-of-age experience, what truly matters here is that straight people care enough to make something this loving to the LGBT community. 

First time I saw this, I came out to my dad as bi and it really made me wish my family was like Simon’s. It’s incredibly important to show a present (realistically a future) where queer kids shouldn’t be scared to “come out” to their families as something like this making its way onto more big screens around the world could really make a change in people’s conservative/bigoted viewpoints. Jennifer Garner has a monologue in this of such purity that I’m not even sure how I would react if my mom said anything remotely similar; and it’s a sad truth that not all LGBT kids have families as supportive as Simon’s (or Elio from CMBYN’s family) but it’s something that I am hopeful will change. My family didn’t react nearly as bad as many others, but I really wish they were supportive of it.

Second time I saw this, I was in a big crowd with straight and gay friends and it was by far one of the happiest theater experiences to date. The crowd cheered in excitement at anything gay (which can be uncomfortable when straight girls verge on fetishizing gay culture) but once again, it’s much much better than intolerance.

I’m thankful to this film for existing as a late night feel-good comedy special to me, and being incredible representation for the beautiful LGBT community. I cannot wait to be a parent and tell my kids early on that no matter who they are attracted to, they will always have my love and support; and that they owe it to nobody to announce it and should never be ashamed. My pride is real, and I’m incredibly thankful to the people who’ve been here for me through the rockiest parts of my adolescent self-discoveries. It’s said all the time, but really; love is love.

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