Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool ★★★★

As Sarah Morton's publisher describes her latest work as "too abstract", she retorts that it's her most personal; and that small exchange itself is the key to understanding Ozon's Swimming Pool. Starting off as an erotically fraught and highly stylized slow-burn, there's a tantalizing sense of discomfort on Morton's side as the place she came to for peace and quiet has been disturbed by a highly sexual and youthful reminder of her own fleeting vitality. Julie behaves as an overly confident yet emotionally needy young woman who most likely mirrors a much younger, more acceptably "attractive" Sarah whose behaviors rub off on her previously shrewd and uptight demeanor. Once we feel as if the story truly is but a simple murder mystery, the rug is pulled from under us and we contemplate the reality and coherence to the events we witnessed.

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