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  • Midnight Run
  • Back to the Future
  • Innerspace
  • The Bad News Bears

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  • The Predator

  • Prey

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  • Predators


    i still like it.

    doesn’t hold up as much as i remember enjoying it in theater.

    good cast.

    the biggest problem is fishburne. bad performance. bad character.

  • The Predator

    The Predator

    i was so excited for this a few years ago.

    love predator.

    love black.

    seemed like a match made in heaven.

    then the reviews started coming out.

    and my enthusiasm turned to worry.

    then i saw it.

    and man was i bummed.

    emboldened by how good prey was, i decided to give this another shot.

    it’s a mess.

    definitely the weakest of the franchise.

    but it sure is fun for a while if you’re in the mood.

    the third act is the worst part.

    i hope one day we get the shane black cut.

    doubt it’ll happen, but it would be nice

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