The 30/40 Project

Being that movies are one of the things that cheers me during this pandemic, and nostalgia is one of the things that gives me comfort, and furthermore being that I'm 43 years of age, and in that time (despite being a movie nut) I still haven't seen EVERYTHING --

That all being the case, I decided to start a watchlist of movies that came out either 40 or 30 years ago (i.e. stuff from 82' and stuff from 92') that I haven't seen and have at least SOME curiosity about. That way I can bathe in the comforting rivers of the past while also seeing new stuff... or some shit. I dunno. Maybe I just like lists and systems, because I'm your typical movie nerd.


  • Tron
  • Eating Raoul
  • The Draughtsman's Contract
  • The Entity
  • Fitzcarraldo
  • Still of the Night
  • Tenebre
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Silent Rage
  • White Dog
  • The Plague Dogs
  • 1990: The Bronx Warriors
  • Smithereens
  • The Border
  • Wild Style
  • Hammett
  • Tag: The Assassination Game
  • Moonlighting
  • Some Kind of Hero
  • Chaplin
  • Universal Soldier
  • Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
  • Porco Rosso
  • Juice
  • Deep Cover
  • Light Sleeper
  • Lorenzo's Oil
  • Freejack
  • Final Analysis
  • White Sands
  • Double Trouble
  • Waxwork II: Lost in Time
  • The Public Eye
  • Munchie