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  • Clueless


    really fuckin smart AND funny AND quotable AND 90s. It's improbably even almost a musical version of radiohead's the bends! kudos to Hadley for the suggestion

  • The Big Red One

    The Big Red One

    original theatrical cut. There's a lot of low budget weirdness in this that almost makes it feel "macaroni combat" adjacent at times...lee marvin is too old (although still perfect), almost every line mark hamill said inadvertently sounded to me like he was whining abort going to tosche station to pick up power converters, and lorimar fucked with the edit just as badly as it did the films Hal Ashby was concurrently making for them. Hell, most of the nazis were…

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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    "Every man has your voice."

    director's commentary track. it might be the lilt of his accent but listening to wenders was like herzog with an emphasis on technical details rather than sanctimoniousness. the only mistake I caught was when he claimed that Port Arthur, TX was only famous as janis joplin's birthplace.

    had to almost constantly fight the urge while watching to pause and display the still image on the widescreen tv like a framed work of art

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    Episode 5 of twin peaks the return explicitly reminded me of this, so I threw it on. It's pretty easy to fanfic this into a prequel to the whole series, if we're being honest.

    This had to be so many young people's introduction to kink, as well as the most effective inadvertent beer advert in cinema history. Good memorial day watch