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  • Out of the Blue

    Out of the Blue

    hopper took over as director midway thru and seems to have replaced the previous script with naturalistic/improv-y/almost altman-esque scenes shot in long tracking shots. i hope the commentary track sheds some light on what the original plan for the film was, as the turn the plot takes is both extremely bleak and extremely hopper. the rough edges show at times but tbh that serves to make it more punk.

    > Sid and Nancy

  • Unforgiven



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    perhaps the most literal 'revisionist western' ever, alternating frequently between being impressively underplayed and thoroughly "on-the-nose" in its myth deflation. when eastwood reverts into the super saiyan man with no name type about as soon as the whiskey touches his lips one could easily interpret that the entirety of the explicit trope subversion beforehand is invalidated. but the climax is a hell of a cinematic thrill to watch, moral quandary or not.

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  • The American Dreamer

    The American Dreamer


    this can be found for free on YouTube but the version streaming on amazon is a definite step up

    hopper at the height of his mansonian phase and spewing drug fueled pseudo-profundities all over the place. if you're entertained by that (like me) it's mostly a fun hour twenty. SPOILER ALERT: he's preoccupied with balling chicks, man.

    You also get to see his bare ass, several times.

    Editing analog film looks intense as fuck.

    Bonus instagram shot of warhol's portrait of Dennis, because they clearly dug each other:

  • Annihilation



    if you're familiar it's relatively easy to break this down to its antecedents (the marines from Aliens go on a particularly creepy Star Trek away mission which seems to turn from Stalker into Solaris) but I enjoy those things and enjoyed this as well. loved the music