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  • The D.I.

    The D.I.


    The boot camp scenes are fun, Jack Webb’s performance reminds me of a more jovial Sgt. Hartman. The romance doesn’t work, and neither does the rest of the film when it seeps in melodrama.

  • Widows



    Widows is a surprising and curious film from Steve McQueen. He’s made a more conventional, and (frankly) overstuffed drama that comes close to being early Jack Hill (just more grim). While there are a certain amount of distinctive choices, visually, with flashbacks and Chicago’s exteriors — there’s an inconsistency within the film’s entourage of widowers. The heist, itself is kinda ingenious, but halfway through I felt something was missing inbetween Veronica’s inception and execution. The leads aren’t given enough from…

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  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off


    I don't care, this movie is nonviable. Ferris, himself, is an asshole -- completely takes advantage of Cameron's depressive anecdote for his own escapism and amusement. The parade scene pisses me off because it can never happen, but in the world of John Hughes', I guess it can.

    A stick in the mud I maybe, but this movie is all an inane exercise. Can this really only be Matthew Broderick's 'great' leading role?

  • Good Feels on Wheels

    Good Feels on Wheels


    Ronald Short’s Wyatt is a huggable guy, and his film is an appealingly cute-meet-and-greet. Nothing relatively refining about Good Feels on Wheels, but it has heart and that’s pleasing enough for a $7k feature budget.