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  • PlayTime



    It has it's moments. It's fun, joyful, and charming. Clearly a masterpiece of construction, and one that has inspired many directors such as Roy Andersson, Wes Anderson, and so on. I absolutely loved the aesthetics, which is usually enough reason for me to love a film outright, but I just found it very boring. There was nothing to grab and hold me apart from the aesthetics. I found it overly repetitive, and simply annoying by the end. With a length…

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    "I wasted so much time worrying about what could go wrong, but what did go wrong was never the things I worried about."

    A beautiful 'slice of life' story. This movie is pure and utter joy, to put it simply. It captures the good, the bad, and the ugliness of life. It spoke to me. As someone who is in their early twenties, it captured the apprehension of the uncertain future, and what path your life will go down. The…

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  • Landscape in the Mist

    Landscape in the Mist


    "If I were to shout, who would hear me out of the armies of angels?"

    Landscape in the Mist is the second Angelopoulos film I delved into today along with 'Eternity and a Day' - Angelopoulos may just be one of the greats!

    Deliberate emotional complexity -- Landscape in the Mist is a difficult film to watch in many areas yet is a truly unforgettable experience. I found myself deeply moved by the damage inflicted to these children in the…

  • Satantango



    Well, it's that time again! My annual viewing of Satantango is here ...

    Satantango is quite possibly the greatest film ever made. The film is a religious experience; an odyssey into a world bereft of beauty. Satantango is a film to be seen, witnessed, and felt! It revolves around the lives of villagers in a small-town, as they’re faced with greed, deception, betrayal, and loss. Tarr's cinematography here exceeds anything else ever captured on celluloid -- few movies are able…