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  • Career Girls

    Career Girls


    Mike Leigh movies is a strange thing!

    This is now the sixth movie directed by him that i have watched and my fascination still grows, although this is not one of his best, it still got me in the end.

    This is (like every other Leigh move) a character study! With great acting!

    Especialy Ricky!

  • The Man Who Wasn't There

    The Man Who Wasn't There


    One of the only Coen brothers film that i haven't seen, before today.

    Its lives up to the standard of the brothers, with amazing Cinematography, that remind me of old film noir classics like The Third Man & Angels with Dirty Faces.

    But even though the story is good, it just feels flat and unimportant in the end. It might have something to do with the casting choice of Billy Bob Thornton, i can see that they are trying to find…

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  • RED



    This movie is just pure entertainment!

    I cant say how many times i have watched this, it has many times been my movie in the background. But today i once again gave it my full attention.

    Its so funny, lovable and just the right level of ridiculous.

    Action version of Grumpy old men

  • The Guns of Navarone

    The Guns of Navarone


    A great good old fashion war movie, with an amazing group of leading actors.

    If i achive 20 % of the masculinity of Gregory Peck or Anthony Quinn, i will be way above average today!