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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984

    I really want to see this but I refuse to pay £15.99 to do so out of principal. That's more than seeing at the cinema without the experience that comes with it. I hope this doesn't become a trend post covid. will be the final nail in the big screens coffin. Its disgusting.

  • Tenet



    Chris mate. Seriously. This could have been soooo good but you had to do your usual over convoluted plot thing. More complicated doesnt necessarily mean better, I know you got a taste for it in Memento and now you've a full on addiction but still.

    The positives are John David Washington and R-Patz performances. All I want is a buddy spy movie with these two without all the inverted time bollocks. 

    As usual with Nolan the film is gorgeous and the…

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