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  • Mr. Jones

    Mr. Jones


    Hot Take: 

    Who or what is Mr Jones? 

    Karl Mueller’s ‘Mr Jones’, Is a unique and terrifying take on the found footage genre, Which never garnered much positive attention back when it first released in 2013. With its mockumentary style approach and It’s focus firmly placed on a couples investigation into the mysterious and fictitious artist, Mr Jones, this movie delivers on every front. It builds upon the very foundations laid down by the era defining horrors ‘Blair Witch’ and…

  • Midsommar



    Hot Take

    Midsommar Is like that time at college when you and your friends experimented with recreational drugs, it’s a weird and disorientating experience, yet you can’t quite help but enjoy the buzz. The same can be said about this movie. From the brightly coloured sets and unusual camera techniques, to its haunting subject matter and dreamlike scenarios, Midsommar will hold your hand as your senses are plunged into deep disarray.

    Writer-director Ari Aster, (Hereditary) is our tour guide for…

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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Leigh Whannell breathes new life into an iconic horror franchise

    Sometimes the scariest things in life are the things that we cannot see. This rings true for Director Leigh Whannell’s “Invisible man”. Elizabeth Moss stars as our leading lady Cecilia, a recovering abuse victim reeling from the news that her abusive husband has killed himself after she left him. 

    For the majority of the film, Whannell never introduces Cecilia’s ‘horrific’ husband other than a brief moment at the start when…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Hot Take

    Is “Uncut Gems” just another Adam Sandler movie? Short answer? NO! This is Sandler at  peak performance. Gone are the days of the goofy “Waterboy” or the man child “Billie Maddison”. Sandler Presents audiences with a level of maturity that we just weren’t ready for.  This time around Sandler teams up with the hilarious Safdie brothers, who were still hot on their heels after their indie hit “Good Time”, and surprised us all when they turned in a…