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  • Sorority Row

    Sorority Row


    “This can’t be Megan - she’s rotting in a mineshaft.”

    So I definitely had underrated this before. Following a re-listen of Attack of the Queerwolf’s podcast episode, I thought I’d give the film
    another go.

    It is so, so funny. Leah Pipes is legitimately *awesone*, her line delivery is just perfect. (“Add me on Facebook? I’ll totally confirm.”) Some of the other cast don’t seem to know what film they’re in - it just adds to the fun.

    The storyline…

  • Jaws 2

    Jaws 2


    I was in desperate need of a creature feature I hadn’t seen before whilst impatiently waiting for Crawl to arrive at these shores, so decided on Jaws 2. Urgh.

    Roy Scheider is great but everything else is absolutey stale, second rate, a facsimile of the original, and the only good death was the hilarious moment that woman sets fire to herself and blows herself & her boat up whilst attempting to flare ‘ol dead eyes.

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  • Cruel Intentions 3

    Cruel Intentions 3


    Semi enjoyable Z grade DTV soap opera trash that copies the melodrama of the original without the wit, substance or technical skill, and where most of the budget appears to have gone on clearing the rights to a soundtrack of beige/shit soft rock and “indie” non-tunes. These “college students” are in all their mid 30s but have the mental capacities of pre-teens and double cross each other and fuck each other at the mearest suggestion. Patrick’s character arc is particularly…

  • Carlito's Way

    Carlito's Way


    A blank spot on my De Palma watchlist finally checked: I for some reason had always decided or heard that Carlito’s Way was sort of lower-tier in his filmography. I loved it. What I’d say is it’s fairly straightforward cinematically - at least as far as Brian De Palma films going - there are some stunning sequences (the boat, the escalators) and jolting, sudden acts of insanely choreographed violence. But, little in the way of crash zooms, diopter shots, split…