Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★½

"We're not inspiring people. We're pissing them off!"

You half-starers all on crack, sorry. I fucking LOVED this inspired, batshit crazy feminist near masterpiece. As I was watching I was constantly thinking "well, I'm loving it so far, I wonder when it starts to go bad", and honestly it never did --- for me.

This third film to be called Black Christmas takes only the basic setup and feminist and political subtexts from the Bob Clark original, and is otherwise completely different - which I loved. There's a BONKERS third act twist which I think (hope) is where a lot of the audience is lost as it is very suspension-of-disbelief testing --- but again I had no problem with that!

The other accusations seem to be around the perceived heavy-handedness of the #metoo theme and toxic masculinity atmos, and just in general how men are shitheels. I wrote a brief tweet about my feelings on this as AGAIN I had no problems with this and indeed it's this aspect of the film I found most successful. In fact, from THAT song/dance number (which as I was watching I went from "what the fuck is this" to "oh my god this is SO GOOD") onwards the film had me in the palm of its hand. The performances are also very strong, with Imogen Poots just fantastic.

If you haven't seen this yet and were put off by negative reviews and specifically negative Letterboxd reviews, I urge you to seek it out if you can. Women, my fellow gays, feminists and allies... Give this film your £/$/€.

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