No One Lives ★★★★

Sooo much better than I was expecting, this ultra violent serial killer horror reminded me of The Hamiltons in parts, and features two excellent early twists. Full of invention, agreeably grimy colour scheme, and interesting performances. Luke Evans is an actor I’ve grown more and more fond of as he’s become increasingly confident in his roles and he’s brilliant here; psychotic and charismatic in equal parts. Occasionally the film becomes possibly a little too salacious in its never-ending nihilism and gore, and you can tell this is a WWE Studio film from a completely out of nowhere wrestling sequence midway, but mostly I really liked No One Lives.

PS If you happen to be watching this on Blu-ray or dvd (in the UK at least) for the love of xmas press enter as soon as the play screen comes up and don’t watch the animated menu screens as they give away a massive plot twist FFS. Luckily I had the right mind to go straight to the film when I watched otherwise I’d have been PISSED.

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