On the Basis of Sex ★★★

A solidly made, somewhat overwritten and occasionally too exposition-y exploration of RBG’s early life and massive achievements. Its heart is in the right place and it’s very well acted (Felicity Jones *occasionally* wobbles on the accent but is otherwise resplendent), and I was impressed by the intimate camerawork and well chosen music score and cues. The final ten minutes are air-punchingly brilliant including a really moving walking-up-stairs moment that rivals the walking-through-a-crowd moment in The Post for sudden emotional impact. Plus I DEMAND that whoever dressed Armie Hammer in this wins a Noble Peace Prize (those PJs, those suits, that beautiful polo shirt - and I hate polo shirts!). Also speaking of Armie, I have never been so turned on watching someone chop celery in my life before. That’s what the film is about, right?