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  • Man on Fire

    Man on Fire


    It’s very good, Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington are great together. The build up of their relationship into the revenge arc was perfect.

    Favourite Denzel line from this film: “I don’t do forgiveness, that’s between him and God, I’m just here to arrange the meeting”.

    My negatives are the length, I think getting this down to 2 hours would be better. Also I don’t like the washed out green tinted stylistic repetitive glitchy scenes that are done way too often in the movie. Other than that, I think the movie does everything else really well.

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    It's good, but it felt a little long, and I think it's dated-ness lowered my enjoyment a bit.

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  • Greenland



    Gerard Butler in yet another movie where a world ending event is happening, and he must survive. It was kind of dumb for sure, but I was entertained throughout.

  • Batman: Soul of the Dragon

    Batman: Soul of the Dragon


    DC movie ripping off 1970s martial arts movies, and trying to shove Batman in there. It has some fun, but it’s very average.