Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red ★★★½

If you want to see a auteur at the height of his technical abilities, you'd be hard-pressed to find something better than Three Color: Red. Kieslowski perfectly blends editing, cinematography, and lighting to create a work where nothing is out of place and every image is specifically meant to instill a memory into the viewer's subconscious.

If you're looking for a satisfying conclusion to the Three Colors trilogy you can't get any better than Red, a film where narrative threads are tied together nicely, and to be honest it's worth a watch just to see someone finally help the recycling efforts of that elderly woman. Red acts as a meditation on communication, relationships, and coincidence that will give you plenty to reflect on.

If you're looking for something emotionally resonant that will teach you a thing or two about humanity though, I think Red falls a little short. The characters never seem fully-realized enough to be truly relatable, and the script tried a little too hard to be wise and profound to seem authentic. The film is perfect on a technical level though, and if that's your thing you certainly will not be disappointed with Kieslowski's final film.

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