Boyz n the Hood ★★★★

Let’s start by recognising that Gooding Jr, Ice Cube, Chestnut & Fishburne all give performances that are pretty much perfect in this film and that Singleton deserved to be the youngest nominee for Best Director because the way he handled this movie was incredible. I guess you could call this a coming of age film in some ways although the issues it tackles feel so mature that it almost discourages me from putting it into that genre because the characters are forced to grow up so soon rather than finding time to find themselves. The way the narrative moves forward keeps you so invested because it introduces you to characters and gives you reasons to care for them and you feel like you’re almost part of the neighbourhood while your watching it which really heightens the more emotional moments that occur. The use of perspective is also done well because there isn’t any set herores or villains - there is simply people and we understand and sympathise with why characters make the choices they do even if they are wrong. The hip hop music really just settles you into the atmosphere of the risky gang-filled environment even more so and the cinematography is mostly gritty and layered well with good use of the foreground and the background. The writing feels authentic and the message is very clear by the end, it’s also very clear to me by the end that Boyz N The Hood is a gripping drama-filled movie that connected with me very well. I’m not one hundred percent yet but I feel like this is definitely verging on an 8.5/10.