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  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Bold, beautiful and truly haunting - there are moments here that are as unsettling as the horror genre can get.

    Can't believe this was made in the 60's.

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


    Flag wavey to the point it should be infuriating, yet Capra and Stewart manage to effortlessly pull on the heart strings in a way that few actor director duos can.

    It's impossible not to see the merits of and be swept up by Jefferson Smith's doughy eyed optimisim, especially in a political landscape rife with cynicism, baffling bureaucracy and corruption. It is optimisim after all that is often the root of all things good in the world.

    When Stewart cries, so do I. I can't help it.

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    A surgically crafted love story, an intoxicating period piece on the individual imperfections and abnormalities of long term love and romance.
    Paul Thomas Anderson continues his cinematic obsession with lost individuals finding meaning and happiness by connecting with others, only this time within Phantom Thread he somewhat subverts it.

    He observes that love is often akin to an imperfect dance, a playground of childlike insults, a void in which you often see the absolute worst parts of eachother and yourselves.…

  • Mandy



    Audacious in every sense of the word. Hypnotic, nightmarish, hazy and hilarious. Every frame is thick with sound and colour (Jóhannsson's score phwooar). A mix of Jodorowsky, Tobe Hooper etc etc...

    Andrea Riseborough is fucking great.

    A blood drenched Nic Cage is enjoying his second coming, and it's delightful to see the borderline straight to DVD acting style that fuels his self-made renaissance has brought him to the forefront of people's minds again.

    Cosmatos' nightmare odyssey is also best shared with others in a packed cinema screen. A rare thing to say these days.