2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

Started 12:00pm

Attempt at conveying and presenting my impressions;

After breakfast (Only some toast) and after a little bit of reading (Samuel Coleridge's poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner - I also decided to somewhat listen to half of the song provided by Iron Maiden) I had a spontaneous urge to get involved with the HALs birthday community project which Letterboxd is doing today (Lise put this up, so thank you Lise). Anyways, here are my impressions.. sort of..

Anyways, I put the blu ray in and left for two minutes to get myself a glass of water but when I returned the screen was pitch black and making a noise. What I completely forgot about my last time viewing 2001: A Space Odyssey was this particular part of the film, so me being the silly bastard that I am thought that something was wrong with my TV (This is despite the sound being completely normal) so I ended up turning the TV off and back on (that always works) before eventually realising my mistake (haha).

Lets start this thing anyways, The Dawn of Man - herbivores turn carnivores (or omnivores) and start to use weapons. I loved the way the man-apes flap their lips, but somewhat found their screaming whilst not particularly scary, certainly alarming. Maybe it's an innate viciousness that I can only associate with human beings.

I quickly took a break from to quickly get some food as I had a sudden urge for some food and unfortunately I was a little lazy and made myself a sandwich (ham) anyways, back to the film. The secrecy of humanity? Or the inequality? Or maybe I'm trying to hard to try and decipher the film because in all honesty it's a Sunday afternoon and I'm watching potentially the most mentally stimulating film ever made. I found this part interesting because of all the cool furniture and the grip shoes. I want to walk on the ceiling. Sandwich was nice. And I then I thought again about this part:

Maybe it's the next stage of progression for humanity. Ape-men. To Men. To what?

Robots!! Jupiter Mission was next and we have HAL, whose birthday we're celebrating. I love HAL, he's a bit of a proud prick but he's cool. Like being able to single-handedly control a whole ship. That's cool. This part for me was the most interesting so far, with lots of moments of heavy breathing and a floating in space. HAL playing chess with a human.. because playing chess with a super-intelligent computer is always a great idea. I loved how the spaceship looked and liked pretty much everything during this part. I find it weird Hal is singing Daisy Bell, it's not like he could ever ride a bike let alone a tandem.

It starts to get cold in my bedroom because the window is slightly open, so I close the windows and get under the damned duvet (I currently have a not so childish Spongebob set - don't you dare criticise Spongebob and don't ask me why I have it, I'm never really too bothered about what I have when it comes to that sort of thing).

Anyways, off to the next part, Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite. Not entirely sure what to think of this. There's a floating monolith and some Shining-esque quick cuts with some bizarre shots of the dudes face which turns out to be actually quite terrifying. And then he turns old. Or there's some sort of really weird orgasm of colours which turn him into some massive motherfucking alien baby.

***Anyways, my first viewing of this wasn't ideal. I watched it on the smallest computer in a cramped position with an oddly clunked amount of pauses. This was much better.. maybe next time I'll be able to say how much i really enjoyed it.

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