Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part II ★★★★

Back to the Future Part II is unfairly labelled my many as the worst in the trilogy but for me, there probably isn't a worst. Worst is such a negative term for a trilogy so abundantly full to the brim with excellent blockbuster fabric and a spectacular amount of fun. Okay, maybe I didn't have as much as fun as the first one but Marty & Doc are always welcome on my TV screen.

This one more or less goes back to the first one and the humour is still there which is excellent. The chase scenes were magnificent but like with the first one those make-up designs to make the actors play an older characters looks weird and cheesy but in all the good ways.

Back to the Future Part II may not be as good as the first but that was never likely to happen anyway. However it's still really good and plenty of fun.

Great Scott!