Brazil ★★★★

Recommended by Gustav Roman:

Whilst Brazil does indeed provide the satirical laughs and criticisms of a bureaucracy it looks surprisingly excellent. I know I shouldn't really be surprised since I have seen many praises of that exact thing but honestly I was surprised. I wasn't expecting that - it had a budget of $15million but still manages to look better than pretty much most films do these days - those films could have up to 10 times more financial muscle to work with. Fuck them.

Good, we've established it looks nice. But of course any film that looks nice doesn't make a film a film. So luckily here there is a story to accompany it. I haven't really much else to say but considering Gilliam here is attacking the "higher powers" here it would only be suitable to have the ending all too different to the normal, standard Hollywood finish. The whole film as a package is quite hilarious in all honesty and the nice little cameos from various big names all work.

Pryce has never been better, although honestly I haven't seen much of his. I honestly doubt he has been as good as this though, he's absolutely fantastic. My biggest problem with this film? It inspired Sucker Punch.

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