Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

Insanely impressive work from Fincher, Gone Girl is the first film at the cinema from his that I have seen, and as a bonus, it's among the upper echelons of his works; which to be fair to the rest, most are slot in there anyway, so, that statement doesn't actually mean much, but I like hyperbole; well, it's not actually hyperbole per-say, but it's definitely sensationalism.

Sensationalism, funnily enough, is a massively important part of the film though; and both the novel, and this film do a great job utilising the media to swing the film like the fucked up pendulum that it is. Admittedly there is a very, very key aspect of Nick Dunne's (Affleck) character that isn't explored (in fact, its totally ignored); but I don't want to speak about that whilst no one else (generally) has watched it.

Anyway, lovely Rosamund Pike (and her perfect smile) is a revelation and Ben Affleck does a perfect doofus impression - and by and large, is actually pretty good. The rest of the cast fit the bill smugly: Tyler Perry is particularly impressive as lawyer Tanner Bolt. That deals with the cast I guess.

Of course the cast are quite decent (despite my original scepticism) because Fincher plays the film so well; he takes an immoral, intensely vicious attack on human character and turns it slightly, adding in vitally, a sense of humour that fits so, so well. It's a perfect dose in fact, and Fincher doing this made it for me, easy to love; even with its black-heart. I would have loved it anyway, even just for my insanely insane crush on Amy Dunne (the character mind). Speaking on what Fincher does, he sure does know how do it well.

Gone Girl is a great adaptation. Simply put. But more, simply put, it's a great film.

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