Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★★

I cried. This is perfect. I am Groot. Nothing goes over Drax's head. He has excellent reflexes. Rocket isn't a raccoon. I am Groot. Star Lord? WHO? Sexy Aliens. I want The Inhumans film now. Stan Lee is a perv. Great film. I actually cried, genuine tears and the guy next to me too. He was crying, and we were crying and then we hugged because the film was so awesome and it's so emotional that I have actually seen this.

I am Groot. I am crying. This is great. I don't even care. Fuck you. The soundtrack is great and each of the characters are great too. Marvel's risk of actually making this film gives me great pleasure. And really gives me hope they'll have faith in The Inhumans. Or at least other heroes NOT always the usual Avengers. Who are great, but they get too much focus. I still love 'em though. Maybe a Black Bolt vs. Thanos fight? C'mon! Give me a creative job Marvel, you assholes!

Cry. Laugh. Dance. I am Groot. I am Drax. I am Gamora. I am Rocket (Not raccoon). I am Peter Quill (but you may know me as Star Lord). No Raccoons or tree creatures were harmed in the making of this film. There is something perfect about this. Because I'm very biased and I'm in love. And I'm hooked on a feeling. Love love love loved this.

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