Her ★★★★

This is the first Spike Jonze film I have seen, so in all honesty I had little reference point to which I could distinguish any comparison let alone expectancy. Consistent ratings ranging from mostly four to five star ratings naturally got me excited however with the presence of Joaquin Phoenix providing the constituent which I could really become enthusiastic about the film.

What I really love about Her, is how the characters, especially Samantha develop. There is a real, genuine growth, change and fluidity to the characters and the relationships they have with each other. As a character though, I don't think, in a long, long while have I ever been able to relate to someone such as Joaquin Phoenix's Theodore.

The science fiction elements slowly come to the fore, but when they do, they flourish remarkably and really takes an already remarkable film about relationships, the innate desire for connection with people and the world, and fitting in with a society and takes it beyond into a pure and quite simply brilliant film.

Note; Her is a 2014 film for me so although I will be including it in my 2013 Letterboxd Oscar nomination thingy it will inevitably end up on my 2014 'best ranked' list.

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