Inferno ★★★

Film #5 of Hoop-tober 3.0

Scariness Level: Inferno/Suspiria

Suspiria-lite? Or something altogether a whole different beast. More the former than the latter, but still not quite Suspiria. Because Suspiria doesn't have the opening this film has, the water sequence is particularly brilliant in my eyes (mostly because I am absolutely horrified by the idea of being underwater - oh, boo hoo, I know) but then again, at least Suspiria has a strong(er) developed character. By that, I mean that Inferno hops between characters without entirely linking the entire film together, with sequences becoming mostly pointless.

Or seemingly so, I think being the key words. Even though this film has a strong atmosphere, and particularly a nice layout, it generally does feel like a lite-version of Suspiria. The building and Argento's usual stylistic flourishes, yet... it still feels entirely its own film somewhat. The music is similar, but not quite the same, this one is fractured into multiple sequences as mentioned, but without these, it would have been very much the younger sister of Suspiria in every sense of the word, without a unique dna strand in its entire running time, and because of this, in spite of the lack of any sense at all - I doubt there is any definitive reason for anything other than that the style is supreme and that's ultimately all that is really needed sometimes.