Klute ★★★½

Director Project

Director: Alan J. Pakula (First film)

Donald Sutherland is the lead actor in Klute but the reality is, his character isn't nearly as interesting as Jane Fonda's Bree. Not only is her character in more focus, and so much more intriguing but Fonda's performance is one of the strongest elements in the film.

Also, Klute and Bree's power struggle, and their relationship; from the sexual to the peremptory physical acts such as when Klute sits Bree down (or maybe I missed something with that) and the positioning of them two when they sleep in Klute's apartment: her above him and so on, you probably get the picture; they're constantly struggling with each other for power.

What else did I like about it? I loved the lighting, and the soundtrack that accompanied some of the tense scenes. It took me a little while to be hooked, but eventually I was, and I ended up really enjoying it.