The Social Network

The Social Network

Director Project

Director: David Fincher (Final film)

I expected to dislike this. It's nothing that I'd go out and see and even then I don't think I'd still be interested in it despite having seen it -- which is an odd thing to say, but hear me out as I try to explain my idiotic expressions. The image of the film isn't what interests me, but the actual watching of the film, when it has no right to be, is as riveting as anything I may have seen in a while. The film zips along flawlessly. And I mean flawlessly. There is no moment not critical to its existence and no flabbiness -- you've probably heard this before but never has good editing been so noticeable.

And never has there been a better choice of an actor to play a narcissistic asshole than Jesse Eisenberg: within a film that includes moments relating to reputations this film has cemented (although it's reputed he's a quick witted, condescending smartass - I like him by the way, I love assholes - that's not me coming out of the closet by the way, nor is it a signed confession of any sorts - and I hope no one brings this up in legal issues in the future - assholes are great!) him as the bar-setter for assholes. It's why he is so good in other films albeit he's definitely not the most likeable fellow in the universe - a bit like myself really.

Anyway: the film is infinitely watchable. And it really shouldn't be: I hate practically all the characters, I dislike humans in general, and well... fuck off, I can't be bothered to write anymore.

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