Man of Steel

Man of Steel ★★½

henry cavill spare cock sir?
let me explain;
he is: cute, handsome, generous, nice, hot, passionate, smart, beautiful, reliable, sensible, hot, unassuming, gorgeous, a great superman, great actor, kind, gentle, hot, british, loyal, motivated, mature, hard-working, hot wearing glasses, charming, polite, versatile, hot as superman, 35 years old, funny, a good person.
he has: a dog, beautiful eyes, awards, a razzie, been in a mission impossible film, kissed amy adams, chest hair, a lovely voice, a gorgeous ass, muscles, and instagram, an interest in ancient history, a favorite movie and it is Gladiator (2000), been ranked the #1 sexiest man by glamour magazine (2013)...
you get the point right?

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