Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★★½

Watching this film is an ordeal for me. Not because it’s a bad film by any means. It’s actually excellent. Probably features one of Will’s best performance. In fact, I don’t understand why this film is rarely mentioned. I would easily say this is one of his top 5 best performance. But the reason why watching this is such a challenge is because of how insanely accurate this film is. It predicted the Patriot Act, it predicted the NSA’s shady practices and it also predicted the US government’s fear mongering. 

My only complaint is the subplot where the wife was so sure that Will’s character cheated on him. That part felt kind of forced to move the plot along for me and it didn’t take too long for her to forgive him either, so that just kind of padded the runtime in my opinion.

I can see people being fascinated by this movie when it came out but for me, this is like a horror film. It’s just so terrifyingly accurate. I can recommend if you’re not bothered by conspiracy films. Normally I’m not but this conspiracy film ended up predicting the early to mid 2000’s and it terrifies me.

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