Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★★

This movie did not pull any punches. It showed the reality of the events that ocurred from the inspirational moments to the atrocities. As someone who already heard what happened to The Black Panther Party, I still went in hoping for a happy ending but this movie gives you the exact opposite and it should. 

It seems like the writing of this film tries to fool you into thinking maybe William will change his mind, maybe he’ll do the right thing but that moment never comes. You see him emotionally tortured by his actions but not enough to do the right thing. Acting like Judas and like Judas he betrayed the messiah. The Black Messiah. 

This movie perfectly imortalizes Fred Hampton not only as a public figure but as a human and also gives The Black Panther Party the portrayal they deserve. As a puertorican who has family members from New York, I was lucky enough to learn about The Black Panthers from an unbiased lense but a lot of americans have this portrayal of them being this radical and violent group which is far from the truth. 

Not only is this movie one of the best biopics, it’s also an amazing movie from a writing perspective because it gives you this false sense of security where you really think it’ll follow the biopic tropes but no such thing happens.

One thing I feel like people rarely mention about this movie is the soundtrack and it is a shame because it is perfect. The instrumentals and songs used fit perfectly with the era and the tone of this movie. I can’t stop thinking about it. 

I came thinking I knew what was gonna happen but the movie proved me wrong and I think you should watch it and experience this as well.