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  • Justice League

    Justice League


    It’s beginning to feel like every ‘event movie’ must involve superheroes, but their ubiquity isn’t the problem. There have been periods where other genres were in vogue, but eventually another genre rises to foremost popularity. It’s just frustrating that Marvel Studios have almost perfected this kind of grand-scale ensemble blockbuster, but other studios in the comic-book business struggle to match their success.

    There are occasional glimmers of hope (a third of the X-Men movies have been great, Deadpool did something…

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind


    Some movies are inextricably connected to an iconic character or unforgettable moment. For me, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is all about the ending at Devils Tower, where first contact’s made with an alien intelligence and humanity doesn’t mess up the ‘handshake’. Everything up until then is entertaining and enjoyable, but even our hero Roy Neary (Richard Drefuss) is subconsciously driven to reach this spine-tingling climax.

    Steven Spielberg was fresh off the career-launching success of Jaws (1976) when Close…

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  • 45 Years

    45 Years


    Lovely performances and an intriguing catalyst, but it doesn't really go anywhere all that interesting. 45 YEARS would've made a good television drama on ITV one Sunday. For some reason it's a movie.

  • Spawn


    One of the worst superhero movies ever made, SPAWN killed a promising comic-book character's big-screen ambitions stone dead. There's been talk of a reboot for over a decade from creator Todd McFarlane, but there doesn't seem to be much appetite for the Spawn character from audiences now. Maybe he was strictly a 1990s cult item.

    I like the concept of SPAWN (essentially a mix of THE CROW, GHOST RIDER and ROBOCOP), about a government hitman who's murdered by his corrupt…