I Am Not a Serial Killer ★★½

I was so looking forward to seeing I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, partly because it combines a number of things I already really enjoy -- like the TV series DEXTER and HANNIBAL, the serial killer genre in general, and cult icon Christopher Lloyd.

The story concerns a teenage boy called John Cleaver (Max Records), who exhibits early signs of being a sociopath, has an unhealthy interest in serial killers, and works with his mother in a mortuary making cadavers looks presentable for funerals. Then, after someone starts killing people around town, John finds that his unusual interests make him the resident expert and the best person to capture this fiend...

Sounds good right? But it disappointed me for a few reasons:

1. It's ridiculously easy to guess who the murderer is, and while unmasking the killer therefore isn't the driving force of the plot... I think it prevents the movie from becoming a more interesting 'whodunnit?'

2. Without spoiling things too much, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER has a realistic look and feel to it (being low-budget and filmed like something from the late-1970s), and is performed very naturalistically. So when the story takes a sudden supernatural turn, it just... didn't work for me.

3. John doesn't do very much to stop the killer once he knows what's going on, so a large portion of the second half just feels very tedious. It lacks energy and fails to plant us inside John's head.

In some ways, my complaints are down to this movie not being what I expected it to be. And that's unfair, to a point--I know. I like that it was unpredictable and went in a nutty direction, but can't shake the feeling there was a more interesting character study/murder-mystery story that could have come from this concept. As it is, I just sort of zoned in and out of the movie for long stretches until it got very silly and lost me.