Jason Bourne ★★

Truth be told, I've never cared for the Jason Bourne series. Doug Liman's The Bourne Identity was the best movie, Paul Greengrass inherited the franchise to craft some incredible set-pieces during the first two sequels, and the trilogy turned Matt Damon into a viable action movie star (who's mostly avoided doing action movies ever since).

Greengrass's 'shaky-cam' style once felt fresh and involving (it was certainly influential), but now I appreciate the resurgence of less choppy editing where you can tell what's going on.

Nobody wanted Jason Bourne to exist, not even those who hated The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner. The story was told. Greengrass and Damon tarnish their earlier movies with this third sequel, which is a terrible thing to witness. They don't even stick to the format of the titles, following Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum. Did they lose their thesaurus?

I lost interest in Jason Bourne very quickly, only perking up during the two major set-pieces in Athens and Las Vegas. It's dull, with nothing new to say about the world we're living in, and the tepid response from audiences and critics will likely put an end to more.