Wonder Woman ★★★½

Gal Gadot’s appearances as Wonder Woman singlehandedly saved Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from crashing and burning, mainly because she was the only superhero in that movie worthy of the description. Her own standalone period adventure is easily the best DC Extended Universe movie we’ve had (morose Man of Steel, misjudged Batman v Superman, scatterbrained Suicide Squad), by virtue of taking inspiration from optimistic comic-book fare like Superman: The Movie, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

That’s not to say Wonder Woman is a resounding success that delivers on everything fans could ever want, as it’s still a flawed movie that overcomes its many issues thanks to director Patty Jenkins’s understanding of the heroine’s appeal and personality. Gal Gadot’s charming performance as Amazonian goddess Diana Prince, together with excellent support from Star Trek’s Chris Pine as her love-interest Steve Trevor, also ensure the movie has enough of a beating heart for you to overlook a slow pace and deficit of fresh ideas.

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