Tenet ★★

The beginning of this movie or actually just the first like umm 10 seconds of this movie set it at a pace I didn’t predict but then it would become exactly what I thought it would be  when watching a Christoper Nolan flick; and that’s a dreadfully slow, visually bland, monotonous, bass-boosted dreck of a flick with vapid uncharacteristic leads. Christoper Nolan has been suckering people into thinking his blockbuster flicks are some intellectual masterpieces for far too long. Tenet thinks it’s sophisticated as some sci-fi realism thriller with cool guns and pew pew but it’s an overly convoluted mess of a film filled with a dumb gimmick and no tone. Half the time I had no clue what was happening or why it was happening, the reasons and actions for this movie did not match up at all. I could not get into this shit no matter how many moments I tried to, not a Nolan fan but damn I was hoping to be proven wrong deep down inside. Of course a ton of mouth breathers and casuals are gonna be quick to get give this high ratings because little chris made that trilogy of the “good Batman movies” but ever since he bounced off of those all his work has been these indistinguishable cold thrillers that insist upon themselves. Also that Travis Scott song in the credits sucked

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