Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

This is a highly enjoyable second outing for Tom Holland as Spider-Man!

The film takes the classic spidey dilemma of Peter needing to juggle his personal life and his superhero life, stepping into the big shoes left by Tont Stark at the end of Endgame. This tests him throughout and forces him to make tough choices, resulting in a film that feels better paced than Homecoming did and keeps the sense of urgency at a high.

The high school comedy elements also blend very well, and as well as being funny, they keep you invested in the character drama that runs alongside the action.

Mysterio is also well realised in this film. A particular sequence where he uses his powers of illusion against Peter results in one of the more visually inventive set pieces I've seen from the MCU. Jake Gyllenhaal also seems to be relishing the role, which makes even some of his more expository sequences fun to watch.

Overall, this was a great time and probably in my top 3 Spider-Man films.

Also J.K. Simmons' return gets a big 👍 from me!