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  • First Man

    First Man


    Chazelle has got to be my favorite modern non-horror director. The guy has such a good eye for exhilarating and pulsating cinema that I admire so much. I saw this during a trip to the USA, my second visit to the country. It was a late night screening so I was very tired, which I think affected a little bit on how much I enjoyed this. Will try watching it again as soon as it comes out in Brazil.

  • Hold the Dark

    Hold the Dark


    Not sure if absolute masterpiece or self indulgent bullshit. Further thinking necessary. 
    And by the way, Watching a movie completely in the dark about it and finding out it’s the new movie of a director you cherish only when the credits roll is quite an interesting experience if you ask me.

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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    A few days ago I had a discussion with a friend about cinema and he told me about his love for classic movies, like this one, and how movies from the 50s, by example, were often movies with a very simple plot but executed in such an artistic and flawless way that they became classics, and that's what I felt all the time watching this movie. The idea of a guy spending his time in the window because of his…

  • The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger

    The correct title of this movie is "Western of the Caribbean: Creativity is Dead".