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  • Voices of a Distant Star

    Voices of a Distant Star

    Last watched this on a shitty stream in college, seams in a one-man production definitely show more now. (Oh hey, basically no human figure ever moves, lol.) Kind of unreal that Shinkai was not just this talented at composition so early, and also to see how his favorite concerns -- love disjointed from time and space, also trains and rain -- are all here.

  • The Wind Rises

    The Wind Rises

    There's a scene in which Jiro is hosting a seminar on his plans for a revolutionary airplane, one which through new design choices will not just meet but exceed the speed they've been aiming for. After laying out all his innovations, he says that it'll work, "as long as they don't include the guns," and then the entire room laughs. Miyazaki has such a calm, genial sensibility that it can be easy to miss that this is a staggeringly fucking bleak joke.

    But anyway yeah, this movie totally apologizes for the Japanese in World War II.

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