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  • Antrum



    Gahhh I’m spooked. 

    While slightly conceptually unwieldy, there’s no denying the chills this gave me. I can’t even describe what it is that’s so creepy about this, but it really got me freaked. 

    Very well done in terms of commitment to its concept. The film within a film feels like a genuine folk horror flick from the ‘70s. Few artificial “older” films pull that off and this does it perfectly.

  • Fatal Attraction

    Fatal Attraction


    Anyone who cheats on Anne Archer with Glenn Close deserves what’s coming to them.

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  • Making a Murderer

    Making a Murderer


    Great season of true crime tv. Attorney Krantz fucks babies, I just know it.

  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    A new trash classic. Piles of terrible, bizarre choices on every level of production. The thing is, these choices are made in earnest by EXTREMELY committed people. Dumb as hell, but lightning paced and a fuck of a lot of fun. Super duper trashy in all the best ways. If this were shot on film and released in the 1970s, we’d all have a wonderful reverence for it. 

    The best kind of crap. 

    Dennis Quaid has 8-pack abs. 

    Here’s a…