Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★½

While I don't find this to be an example of whitewashing as it were, I stand with the intentions of those who do. To these folks I do offer one piece of advice: Boycotting is only half the battle. The other half involves supporting films that are progressive, inclusive, and fitting into modern social tastes. We are soooooo good at step one, but we so often forget step two. Shame too, considering how much fun step two is. Yes, it involves less self-congratulatory discourse, but if that's why you're here, go away. When we do get movies that properly represent characters of a marginalized population, get in line with me. We can enjoy it together. 

This movie is mostly the same as the source material in terms of quality. Having recently watched the first two anime films, I can attest that they are very much style over substance and most of the proposed substance I keep hearing about simply isn't there. "Where does technology end and biology begin, man?" is about as deep as it gets and this new iteration of the film goes no further. 

As missed an opportunity as it is thematically, it is a homerun both visually and tonally. I'd watch a bunch of movies in this world. 

My one big beef with the movie is that, short of the closing credits, there wasn't much of the original score (which is fucking stellar). 

I do like that this is not a direct adaptation, but rather a story told in the GITS world. Kinda like "I, Robot"

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