Suspiria ★★★★★

This is the BLADE RUNNER 2049 of horror remakes in that not only is it better than its predecessor, it makes its predecessor better. Granted, to compare the two SUSPIRIAs (SUSPIRII?) is almost an apples/oranges situation. Almost. There’s a lot to parse out here, and I get the feeling that this is a THE SHINING-like film in the way that just about every reading of it can be wholly validated, which is something we are sure to be doing for decades. To me, this reads as an exploration on the nature of how we flawed humans try to reconcile the past, both as an explanation for our current affairs and as an excuse to give in to our animal, as if the demons of our past can vindicate our misdeeds.  I have a lot of thoughts about this, so thank fuck I’ve got a few weeks before I need to tender a proper review. So I’ll close it with this for now:

While watching this movie I couldn’t help but think of a brilliant (and difficult) quote from Dave Chappelle’s most recent Netflix special, in which he juxtaposed our current societal flaws in the conversation about justice/vengeance/forgiveness to the years after apartheid in South Africa:

“The end of apartheid should have been a fucking bloodbath by any metric in human history, and it wasn’t. The only reason it wasn’t is because Desmond Tutu and Mandela and all these guys figured out that if a system is corrupt, then the people who adhere to the system, and are incentivized by that system, are not criminals. They are victims. The system itself must be tried. But... the only way we can figure out what the system is, is if everyone says what they did. Tell them how you participated.”

My full thoughts, after a handful of sleepless nights over this absolute fucking masterpiece, available at Cinema76.