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  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall


    An emotional, messy, and most importantly realistic romance told through the bug-eyes of the incessantly annoying Alvy SInger,
    Annie Hall earns the cultural significance it's obtained.

    Much like Scorsese has what could be considered "the monopoly" on mafia movies, or Wes Anderson's association with offbeat dramas, Woody Allen has, to me at least, become the advocate for the
    hope-cripplingly honest romantic comedy, or rather, comedy romance. (The difference is clear in my head).

    Each scene feels ripped out of someone's…

  • Arrival



    I feel ripped off. I paid full price for my seat, but turns out I only needed the edge of it.

    Denis Villeneuve once again constructs a movie like an intricate and compelling jigsaw puzzle, with each beautifully nuanced and visually astonishing piece put perfectly into place.
    A tense, compelling and intelligent science fiction story that leaves you appreciating both the concentrated medium of film and the slightly less concentrated concept of life.
    Embracing its unapologetic sci-fi name, the film…

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  • How to Be Single

    How to Be Single


    How to be single:

    Step 1. Take your date to see this movie.
    Step 2. Congratulations.

  • Drive



    An electric, pulsating, visceral movie that is so much more than its trailers would lead you to believe. It is neither Fast nor Furious in its tone or its pacing. Much like Ryan Gosling's Driver it knows exactly where it's going and knows not to take shortcuts when it doesn't need to. The Driver is far more complex than his perfectly nuanced, simplistic dialogue would suggest, and the score sends a beating pulse through the movie that carries it in…