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  • Darkness On The Edge of Town

    Darkness On The Edge of Town


    Hey there Letterboxd friends. I just released my new zero-budget feature film Darkness on the Edge of Town on YouTube.

    We started shooting this 2 years ago with an amateur cast, borrowed or trespassed locations, props and costumes from Party City, and a single-man crew (me). In the independent spirit of someone like Mark Borchardt, this film is held together with duct tape and belief. The music is almost entirely by friendly local bands, the cast is mostly people I…

  • The Space

    The Space


    About a year ago next month, my roommate Jacob and I, he a painter turning into a filmmaker and myself a filmmaker trying to become an artist, decided to make a movie. I don't know if it was Tommy Wiseau's The Room or my blooming interest in underground no-budget titles on Amazon, but something made me say "let's make a movie this weekend". Even if it was 90 minutes of him eating rice (only 2.5 minutes made it in) we…

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  • Bomb City

    Bomb City


    This movie opens with a long clip from a Marilyn Manson interview in which he decries the crisis of white teenagers and how capitalist Christian America is to blame for their frustration and ennui. He’s not... wrong. But obviously Marilyn Manson is so prone to cringe-inducing platitudes that it sets the wrong tone for this whole thing. It’s the first of many signposts and signals that this is a “message movie” about elite white upper class privilege and the grand…

  • SLC Punk

    SLC Punk


    Rebellion happens in the mind.

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  • CKY



    *96 Quite Bitter Beings plays*

  • mid90s



    Oh dear. Almost a complete misfire. I think we've reached the point of A24 oversaturation. This might be the Heaven's Gate of the modern indie wave for me.

    I vividly remember being about 9 and going over to my neighbor's house and playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for the first time. I got absorbed into those games, and the non-existent glamorized fantastical life of a professional skateboarder. When I was 16 I met skaters my age, and though I…