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  • The Old Dark House

    The Old Dark House


    I actually watched the 1932 original, which was funny, but Letterboxd doesn’t appear to have it listed.

  • Fractured



    Really fun action B-movie in the vain of Taken.

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  • The Biggest Little Farm

    The Biggest Little Farm


    This is my favorite documentary featuring animated expository sequences, which I abhore.

  • Hereditary



    What is it?
    A highly unique and bizarre debut, the best horror film since It Follows.

    Is it good?
    The first two acts are mesmerizing and captivating, and its style original. The final act is a bit too expository and treads almost into The Conjuring territory.

    Is there nudity?
    I would've been too freaked out to notice even if there were.

    Fun trivia
    The director insisted on the cast going without sleep and living exclusively on noodles throughout filming. They compromised on living in tents for the 8-week shoot and hotdogs providing their only sustanence.